Snowrunner caterpillar 745c medium logs

Dec 07, 2021 · Fixed a bug where logs could be loaded into the Log Carrier addon of the ‘Caterpillar 745C’ truck using autoloading function on top of already loaded unpacked logs in the addon. Fixed a bug where ‘Long Logs’ cargo could be outside of the ‘Log Carrier Rear’ trailer after transitioning through a gateway if the trailer was placed at an ....

SnowRunner Trophy Guide. By Ac3dUd3- • Published 22nd May 2020 • Updated 30th June 2020. SnowRunner is an off-roading simulation game developed by Saber Interactive. This guide will help you understand the game and trophy requirements needed to gain the platinum trophy. 30 User Favourites 12 Ratings 65,339 Views. The Cat 745C with a 25 m: 3 (32.7 yd. 3) 41 tonnes (45.2 tons) increased capacity offers proven reliability, durability, high productivity, superior operator comfort and lower operating costs. With a focus on high productivity, the 745C has many updated and improved features, an all. I'm confused. I though the cat 745c could carry medium logs with the log carrier add on, but when I got to the log station, it says it doesn't support this cargo and I can't find any info on Google or searching this subreddit. ... Powerups are unlocked in r/snowrunner Become a Hero. Community Heroes. Powerups 26.

May 05, 2020 · In this post of Snowrunner, I will tell you about the area Island Lake, caterpillar 745c location, and how to sell. Snowrunner Caterpillar 745c Location. This is a truck that you can find by exploring the map of Alaska. You can find this truck on the second part on the Alaska map on the mountain river. On the top right corner of the map in the ....




Oct 11, 2021 · That's correct... only Cat 745c and a medium log trailer can pack/haul medium logs in SnowRunner (w/o mods). #1. sphered. View Profile View Posts. Oct 11, 2021 @ 6:00am. yeah i kinda wish the small logs addon can also be used for medium, just like in mudrunner, that way we can have proper truck trailer medium logs tandem, seriously though, what .... Caterpillar 745C In-game Information Fuel Capacity 340L All Wheel Drive (AWD) Switchable Differential Lock Switchable Length 10.6m Width 3.5m Weight 20,000kg / 44,092lb Torque 200,000 Ncm Role Heavy Price 131700 Manufacturer Behind The Scenes Based On Caterpillar 745C The Caterpillar 745C is a licensed truck from the game - Snowrunner.

May 27, 2021 · Even better is the fact that medium and short logs fit in the 745C Log Carrier addon. Every other truck is limited to the Amur-only short logs for some weird reason. So powerful is the CAT 745C that it is one of the best trucks for escaping from broken ice. Cheers, 71-inch tyres..

My advice is to put off logging until you've got at least the Cat 745c and a Pacific P12. The P12 can mount both a logging crane and a long log trailer combo and the 745c has a medium log cage. With these 2 trucks towing one another, you can bring both medium and long logs in..