Iphone dcim folder structure 2021

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DCIM stands for Digital Camera Images and it is one of the preloaded folders on your Android device. This folder saves all of the photos that you capture using your phone's camera. It also contains the screenshots that you have taken on your device. Basically, the Gallery app on your phone fetches all your photos from this folder.




17 Comments 1 Solution 15101 Views Last Modified: 3/15/2016. Connecting my iphone to a Windows desktop and viewing the photos folder (DCIM) there are numerous folders with weird names and I cannot understand how iOS saves some files in some, ancient files in another etc etc. Anyone know what the name rule conventions are or how this works?.

For years, whenever I connected an iOS device to my Windows computer, in file explorer I saw a DCIM folder with subfolders following a pattern of 100APPLE, 101APPLE, 102APPLE, etc. Today when connecting one of my devices (running iOS 14.6), I noticed those folders are gone. Instead, the pattern seems to be YYYY__MM (e.g. 2013__01 and 2021__07).

Re: BT Cloud app not detecting new files on iPhone X since updated to iOS 14.6. @jezbod @NeilO @pddco. I have noticed something when exploring my phones DCIM folder. It looks like apple have chnaged the naming on the folder structure which at a high level looks like the point my app stopped syncing. XXXAPPLE vs XXXCLOUD.